Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear' Lao Gong's Friendsss ❤

Hmm ~ A lovely Friday again . I love this day . Because I can meet my Dear' Lao Gong and also can back to my sweet hometown . HOME SWEET HOME ♥ That day , I going butterworth to find Dear' Lao Gong . After that wait him finish his class and straight away back to Alor Star =)

 The photo that I snap when on the way backing to Alor Star . They are stopping for rest a while . Then just continue for going Alor Star Mall for playing snooker =)

 Weeee ~ Ah Sheng is CUTE xD

 Ah Kun was playing the snooker with what what 'Lao Ah Pek' . They call him 'CT'   =.=
After thr snookering , we are going for our dinner . Hmm ~ Yummy ;))

 Oh My God ! This was the most funny on my Camera . Ah Shuuu ~ what happen to your face ? Hahaha xD

 The fish that we finish it ;))

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