Monday, November 22, 2010

ღ Clinic Cafe ღ

Hmm ~ Damn enjoy my dinner tonight . I was going Clinic Cafe having my dinner . Its let my stomach so FULL :(( My Elephant Papa and my friend , Lemon . Hmm ~ Yummy .

 The counter of Clinic Cafe . It was different with other restaurant :)

 The photo took by Lemon . Even it was so 'yellow' but I still love this photo . The skin inside the photo , I just like the simson movie peoples . xD

 This my friend and my Elephant Papa . Heheee ~ They are watching TOM AND JERRY  xD

 This is the straw at the drinking glasses . Its nice :)) And 
Lemon say : 'Its nice.'
Elephant Papa say : 'It can buy it anywhere . And also sooo cheap for each.' xD
 This is Flit of Fish . Damn yummy ~ 

When we on the way backing to our own hostel . Oh My God ! I saw DIOR . My lovely brand . I really like it muchhh ♥

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