Monday, November 8, 2010

1028 ❤

I love this day . Because it was a damn special day for me .
The day belong to me and my Dear' Lao Gong .
I want to thank a lot of people .
Exspecially Lemon and my dear's friend Shuqi . They help me a lot . Hehe ~
Dear' Lao Gong , I also want to thank you ur fren - Sha Kun Da Ge .
I damn thx you all =)

 I love this photo . Because it takes before the sunset down =) I like the colour of this photo ❤

 A lot of people say we are saming to take the wedding photo . But I don't think so . It just a simple photo for me xD

 I most love this photo . Fisrt time I sitting the horse . Damn AWESOME . Hehe ~

I love beach more than I love KISS >.<

That day Y2J also going to TAR College Penang Campus .
My Dear' Lao Gong was admire them . So , I follow him to see the concert . 黄美珍 damn pretty =)

This is the photo I take it by that day .
After the concert , we are going to Gurney for dinner .
Its delicious .
The photo we took inside the shop xD Hehehe ~

After that , he was sending me home . I also pass the 3rd Anniversary's present for him .
Uh-harr ~ He open the carriage and bring out a big box . I was so suprise . I get the present too ;)
Muackzzz ~ I open the box and saw it - SNOW WHITE !

Omg ~ I know that were so expensive . But Dear' Lao Gong also buy it for me . I knowing he was sayang-ing me . I don't know how to say it out of that feeling . I know what he want to make me happy . Im touch-ing . Nearing to cry . Finally , I send a message foe him . Say ' It was so suprise for me this present . I love you , My Dear ❤ ' .

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